foto granI was born in Barcelona in October 1988 I’ve always been linving in the region of Maresme.

  • I am a very restless person with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • I really love  traveling, culture, languages and history,
  • I am also a lover of new technologies

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I have taken several courses of languages abroad in countries like Ireland, USA or Russia …


WorkJob Skills

  • I can speak 6 Languages​​: Catalan and Castilian, English, Russian, French and Spanish
  • Tourism Skills : Innovation and quality iare my specialities
  • IT skills: Web design, online commerce, and Internet Marketing
  • Knowledge in the field of textile industry, where I have worked over 5 years in the family business conducting productions abroad in countries like Turkey.
  • I am a very hardworking person and a positive attitude to add and group cohesiveness
  • I have good communication skills.

Take a look at my curriculum

blue lineOther Interesting Facts about me

I’m a Compulsive Traveler: Appreciate the culture of each country, and admire its landscapes and nature, taste their food, learn their customs and traditions. I have been fortunate to have traveled more than 20 countries by the European, American and Asian continents, in every place I have learned many useful settings for my life.

  • I’ve Worked over 3 years traveling to Turkey where I worked and learn a lot
  • I Studied abroad in countries like Ireland, England, USA, and Russia.
  • I have also traveled to exotic countries such as Jamaica and Thailand.
  • I have traveled much of Europe I have made 3 trips with Interrail,
  • Hize the route of the castles of the Loire and Brittany back in car.
  • I turned around driving the Isle of Sicily, duraing one week.
  • I have traveled by car Bavaria.
  • I traveled by train and ferries on the Baltic Sea: Helsinki, Tallinn, Saint Petersburg where to study 3 months.
  • I have done the Camino de Santiago Walking 2 times during 1 month 890KM from Roncesvalles to Santiago.

I am also a lover of sports, motor racing, football, mountain biking and surfing.