What skills do i have?

  • I amablte to speak 6 languages​​, which would give me more and better coverage to more customers.
    Ideally a tour guide should be able to speak several languages ​​including your own, as well as local slang. Should also speak with clarity and confidence.
  • I have training in tourism that allows me to understand and improve in my job.
  • Eloquent:
  • Worship and knowledgeable tourist resource A good guide has great knowledge of the places, its history and its importance. A good guide is to have real passion for their work and to convey that enthusiasm to the group. group.
  • Friendly and Funny A sense of humor is essential. Also a good tour guide also knows when to be reserved or otherwise have the occasional joke. Be friendly and outgoing are qualities of a good guide. But it also requires a certain level of authority and be able to keep the group together and focused without sounding arrogant and pretentious.
  • Observer A good guide should know how to deal with different types of people from different cultures and ages, also have to be aware of any special requirements they may have group members.
  • Interactive and Spontaneous Where desirable looser view of things can make the difference between a good book or a bad one. Being
  • Spontaneous means being open to unexpected changes, taking a moment to enjoy things such as a beautiful sunset.
  • Passion for work.

What Can I do for the company?

  • Planning optimizing tourist routes
  • Execute the instructions of the company on the tour group to drive or to perform activities including: flight number or boat specifications, date and time of arrival, type of tour, service orders, budget expenditures and tour passes to restricted facilities.
  • Supervise the transport unit to use.
  • Prepare a report at the end of the routes.
  • Accompany tourists on shopping, walks, tours, shows and entertainment.
  • Periodically monitors the tour group that’s my responsibility.
  • Make appropriate decisions in special situations involving tourists.
  • Coordinates the services being provided to tourists during tours.
  • Assists the tourist in first aid and coordinates admission to hospitals.
  • Allocate time between different daubs the itinerary.

The good Guider

A tour guide enriches the experience to know and enjoy a new city. It’s one of those jobs vocation, great work can only do well if you are really in love with your profession and also in your city. It’s a job that requires empathy and diplomacy that requires passion for the job, since the job of tour guide is, physically and emotionally, exhausting long hours of work away.The Tourist Guide.

A qualified guide should be able to unify the different personalities and to ensure that a single visit is equally interesting for every personality. Trying to catch the attention of a diverse audience, ensuring everyone well understand explanations and watching for suseguridad detect when it goes too fast or too slow, when to stop more exposure and when to move not to bore, what time is right to make a little joke or suggest a pause.

A beautifully guíabuen must know the sights, and occasionally make a punctilious and masterly exposition on the architecture of their city. But a good guide should also have extensive knowledge of the less “academic” subjects. It is important, so, who knows the local cuisine, historical anecdotes, able to recommend activities for that day or on successive days, make shopping and where you can taste the best dishes and be possible update of what happening in your city.

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