Work in Hotel

HotelA hotel is a service business, where the synchronization, coordination and control between departments will, in addition to its category, determine its reputation and nivel.Es need good leadership and well coordinated team work translate into performance successful and optimal service quality. To make the experience as pleasant and remember that the customer takes us more than pleased, we must know our roles, responsibilities and steps to be taken at all times

What Skills do i have 

  • I am a person who speaks 6 languages​​, which would give me more and better coverage to more customers.
  • I have studying a degrre in tourism that allows me to understand and improve in my job.
  • I have experience working in the position for a 4 star hotel.
  • Planning and organizational skills and administrative skills, I am able to handle cash, credit cards, foreign currency and other documentation
  • Good IT skills and Internet abilities, in addition to hotel management programs, Tessi-Pro, and typing skills
  • I am a self-starter and able to resolve conflicts and self-confidence
  • Good communication skills, Good dealings with the public: With courtesy, discretion and serenity but with a humorous touch.
  • Communication skills to answer the phone in various languages
  • Good presence, energy and enthusiasm.

What Can I Do for the Hotel?

  • Manage the reception
  • Formalize the inputs and outputs of clients, providing them with the information needed for optimal service delivery. Effectively manage room bookings and inquiries made ​​by phone, or email in order to obtain the highest occupancy rate and degree of quality of service for that customer expectations are met.
  • Build quality care to clients to anticipate their expectations.
  • Formalize the documentation and managing information for subsequently sending it to the appropriate departments.
  • Log, track and collect services consumed by customers.

Total Quality Management

Working to improve on the concept of service quality. Improve the quality management systems, standards and quality standards. Specifications of service quality.
Continuous improvement and improvement plans. The basic tools. The evaluation of customer satisfaction. Satisfaction questionnaires and other tools. Self assessment. Efficiency and effectiveness.
The value added customer service, makes the key people to provide excellent hospitality experience and make the hotel to succeed. Staff working in hotels plays a complex task, we must constantly improve in areas of knowledge and leadership skills training.

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