The Traveller Counselor

Professional agents can consider himself as counsel or simply as ticket sellers, however, agents have traveled extensively customers looking for your advice and knowledge. The range of knowledge and skills of a successful travel agent is large and constantly growing it.

What Can I Do for Your Agency?

  • Plan and offer package holidays resorts and other services that fits in quality, time and price to customer demands:
  • Make the necessary reservations in hotels, accommodation in resort areas, meals, car rental, sightseeing, transfer of passenger and baggage terminals to hotels and tickets to special events such as music festivals and theater, etc. ..
  • Plan and offer services for conferences, conventions, exhibitions and other events, that conform to the expectations and needs and customer expectations.
  • Advise customer and propose alternatives tourism and similar services, interpreting their requests and calibrating their needs, to meet your expectations.
  • Adopting a performance, professional and experienced, from times of connections between trains, prices, quality, if they have rooms with bathroom, if your prices include local taxes and discounts.
  • Prepare and plan an itinerary, individual or group travel.
  • Understand and advise on the many details involved in the current travel, such as insurance, language study material, travelers checks, foreign currency, necessary documents: passport or visa and medical requirements 
  • Make reservations for special interest activities such as religious pilgrimages, conventions and business travel, dining and sports trips.

What skills do I have to work in this position?

  • I am a person who speaks 6 languages​​, besides being communicative and operative which would allow me to cover a larger range of customers.
  • I have training in tourism that allows me to understand and improve on my job and know the structure of the tourism market
  • I am a self-starter and able to resolve conflicts and self-confidence
  • Good communication skills with a pleasant and friendly service.
  • Ability to work well under pressure at peak times.
  • Interest in and knowledge of travel destinations and tourist attractions.
  • Tourism marketing.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • IT Skills
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