Guia-turistico- catalunyaAre you going on vacation or have a business in Catalonia or Barcelona? Want to discover new places? Want to know what’s interesting in Catalonia? Want to know how to better organize your trip?
IdiomasI am a guide who fits the needs of the modern tourist, who interprets the cultural and natural heritage of the area, if you trust me your journey, your stay will be more pleasant and efficient

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Discover the places Catalunya With My Tourist Routes or reading articlesin my Blog:

blue lineMy services has some advantages:

  • + Knowledge: I show you all the nooks and most exclusive places tell the story of the place firsthand. So the opportunity to visit what interests you most and pass along everything you do not care increase.
    -will Take the opportunity to learn the habits and customs firsthand.

  • Save your Money: Allows you to find the most suitable places to eat, buy souvenirs and tickets to events.

  • Less Queues: You can get rid of having to be accompanied by a large group of people, avoiding the red umbrella to keep track of the leader and at affordable and competitive prices.

  • + Security: take for secure sites without having to worry because we steal money, documents or camera

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IdiomasThe functions that I can carry out:

  • Translation and interpretation into: Spanish, English, French, Russian or Catalan.
  • Guide  services for all excursions.
  • Information about accommodation in hotels.
  • Transportation services for excursions or any other needs.
  • Buying train tickets, bus, boat
  • I can help you with the purchase of tickets for museums, concerts or sport events like Barça.

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Languages in which I work:Untitled-1frukrues

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 Catalonia Tourist Routes:

Guia Turistic-frameIf you come to Catalonia for business I can help you as an interpreter in negotiations, conferences or exhibitions. At the disposal of our customers is always the most convenient transportation.

If you hire me in advance, I can make written all needed documentation translation. We also find, select and establish preliminary contacts with potential distributors or customers to optimize the time of your stay in Catalonia.

With the development of new technologies, many people have access to the Internet and from there they can find enough information about the country to which you want to travel. There are people traveling to collecting sites, postcards, hundreds of photos … others simply travel to experience sensations. Hiring a particular guide may be one of the best ways to visit the region to make your experience as rewarding as possible.

Remember that a tour guide is not an official city guide. That is, it does not have the appropriate license to explain at street or inside in some places…


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