Studying a double degree at university:

  • Tourism 2009-2013

  • Business and Management

UOC_marcaweb2.jpg2UOC Universitat oberta de Catalunya

  • 1 Course International Bussines 2008-2009

LOGO-ESCI-quadrat-tt-OK-906x1024ESCI Escola Superior Comerç internacional

  • Customer service course (IMPEM Mataro 2014)
  • Course prevention of occupational risks (IMPEM Mataro 2014)


 Icono-Bandera-españaSpanish:    Bilingual

catalanCatalan:     Bilingual

1406146109_United-Kingdom_flatEnglish:       Professional competence

1406146138_RussiaRussian:          Professional competence

1406146125_FranceFrench:   Basic competence

Italy FlagItalian:       Basic competence

  • English course in Dublin (1 month)
  • English Course in Miami (1 month)
  • Russian Course in St Petersburg (3 months)

blue lineWorkWork Experience

blue line

waipaiInternational and export department:

Responsibility for communications with customers and representatives
Management of International customers: In Europe Asia and South America.
Management of customs documentation: Packing List, International Bills, customs and goods certificates.
Logistics management with different countries and transport companies.
Control of the entire chain of physical distribution of goods.
Administrative organization of the files.

Business Profile:

Trade negotiations with the network of international distribution and monitoring compliance with commercial contracts.
Attracting new dealers and distributors for brand:
Internationalization of the company.
Marketing, Social Media, Branding


Programmer – Technical Department:

Website: /

  • Content Manager
  • Quality Control Web
  • Control &MonitoringPrices,
  •  Categorization
  • Design, creation & capturing E-shops.
  • SEO & Marketing On-line.

Permanence:   Feb  2014 – Set 2013

curriculum4Export Manager 


Organization and development of textile productions:

  • Quality control of productions
  • Trade agreements between foreign factories, and domestic producers.
  • Turnover:
  • Logistics, CMR, compliance control of deliveries, shipping.
  • Timming design and production processes.
  • Personalized service providers and customers.
  • Translations.
  • Work abroad in countries like Turkey, Russia,
  • Work to outside companies as Inditext, Mango, El Corte
  • Ingles, Custo Barcelona.

Permanence: 2007 – 2012

Administrative Assistant / Accounting Assistant

Family business

  • Statement of income
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Assistance to Customers and Suppliers
  • Phone assistance

Permanence: 2008- 2011

curriculum2 Front Desk 


  • Check-in, Check out: Formalize the inputs and outputs of customers, offering them the information necessary for optimal service delivery.
  • Management of reservations by phone or email,
    Include data on the computer and monitor all operations on the client’s stay in compliance with rules
  • Record, control and charge for services consumed by customers.
  • Formalize documentation and information management for subsequently sending it to the appropriate departments.
  • Safety and cost control.
  • Partnerships with companies.
  • Revenue: help in pricing by Channel Manager
  • Customer service: by telephone and guiding the Board in its outputs or activities.

Permanence: Set 2013- Feb 2014

curriculum5tourist guide in Barça Museum:


  • Responsible for attending to foreign audiences in the stadium and museum at Camp Nou,
  • Dealing with groups of foreign tourists: Russian, British, French and Americans.
  • Preparation of report at the end of the day.
  • Work and organization of large groups.
  • Explain to visitors the content of the room in different languages.
  • Flow control, ticketing.

Permanence: June-August 2013


1385462767408Salesman  Munich  – La Roca Village


  • Direct retail sales Store
  • Dealing with customers around the world
  • Inventory control product. Help product inventory.
  • Shares of customer loyalty marked by commercial direction.

Permanence: January-June – 2015

blue line

Hab InformátiquesIT Skills

  • Computer operating systems: Microsoft, Apple, Linux.
  • Web Design:  E-comerce, SEO, Social Network management, Google analytics, Domain register and optimitzation.
  • CMS: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, OS Comerce
  • Office Software: Word, Excel, Access, PWP, Mailing,
  • Data Base: Acces, My SQL  
  • Graphic Design: Photoshop, Adobe ilustrator.
  • Accounting Software: Contaplus, Facturaplus.
  • Hotel Management software: TesiPro, Chanel Manager.

WorkJob Skills

  • Job Skills: Ability Teamwork, leadership and initiative, proactivity, Easy to take responabilidades, capacity improvement.
  • Communication Skills: Good contact with the public. , Empathy, negotiating skills. spirit of group cohesion.
  • Other skills: Optimism, punctuality, restlessness, concentration, flexibility, adaptability to change.

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