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Bien de Interés Cultural / Patrimonio histórico de EspañaParc_dela_Ciutadella_barcel

It was built on the former grounds of the fortress city built by Philip V to dominate the city after the War of Spanish Succession, in the eighteenth century

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On the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1888, Mayor Francisco de Paula Rius and Taulet commissioned the development of the park to Josep Fontserè, with the collaboration of the young Antoni Gaudí, who intervened in the proposed Cascade Monumental, Gaudí hydraulic projectand he designed an artificial cave beneath the waterfall. The monument stands out for its sculptural profusion.

The park is noted for its large garden extension, with large trees and areas for walking, it is a place where relajarse.fue for many years the only park in the city of Barcelona.

The lake is one of the nerve centers of the park, with several islands and a profusion of exotic plants and aquatic animals; You can navigate it with rowing boats. Next to the Cascade Garden Romantic figure, with a variety of plant species.



Has more than a hundred species, many of them planted in the nineteenth century, making it one of the oldest parks in the city. They are abundant magnolia linden, poplar and banana

Stands out as the building construction Castell dels Tres Dragons, designed by Domenech i Montaner


Built with brick and laminated iron, it is a crown-shaped building castle battlements. It is practically square plant with four towers at the corners and perimeter passageways running between a double facade. In its innovative transparent structure of brick and iron frame also in sight,

Ceramic decoration, with drawings by Joan Llimona and Alexandre de Riquer (1888) and Pius Font i Quer and Joan Baptista Aguilar-Amat (1927), a sculpture by Antoni Vilanova, Alfons Juyol execution (1888) and Gonzalez Hermanos (1927 ) and ceramic Pujol i Bausis is located on the battlements and shield-shaped panels of the top, which break down in blue on white a naturalist program of plants and animals, including a number of beverages and spirits.

Since 2011, he became scientific headquarters of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, ​​welcoming the Laboratory of Nature with laboratories and space research, study and conservation of the collections

A large gazebo for mammoth concerts are other elements which surprise visitors to this park so alive, of 18 hectares, located in the heart of Barcelona.


On the other side of the park is located since 1892 the Barcelona Zoo. In the main square we find the seat of the Catalan Parliament, which housed the former military arsenal of the Ciutadella. In the old parade there an oval pond with the famous sculpture Grief by Josep Llimona.Muy closely you can see a copy of the beautiful sculpture of Josep Llimona, El desconsuelo “Grief”.

icon_12638How to get to Parc de la Ciutadella?

MteroMetro: Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, línea 4.
Tranvía: 038455-glossy-black-icon-transport-travel-transportation-train8-sc43Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, línea 4.
busBús: lines 14, 17, 36, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45, 51, 57, 59, 64, 141 y 15

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