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Declared in 2005 a World Heritage Site by Unesco “Works of Antoni Gaudí”. The temple was consecrated and declared minor Basilica on November 7, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI

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It started in 1882, is still under construction, Gaudí took over the project with only 31 years. He devoted the rest of his life, the last fifteen exclusively. He conceived the Sagrada Familia from the tradition of Gothic and Byzantine cathedrals. With the architecture and the beauty of the building wanted to express Christian beliefs.

Most noteworthy elements

Although not yet complete, the Sagrada Familia is a temple full of exuberant religious symbolism. These are some of the highlights:

The towers


So that it was visible from any point of Barcelona and stand out over other buildings. For it endowed to the Sagrada Familia in 18 towers: twelve apostles, four evangelists and the domes of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Apostles towers are topped by pinnacles of Venetian mosaic polychrome with shields with the cross and a white spheres, symbolizing the bishop’s miter.

The towers act of bell tower, and will contain a total of 84 bells,

The towers of the evangelists will be crowned by allegorical figures representing them in Christian iconography: San Juan, eagle; San Marcos, Elleon; San Mateo, the angel; and Luke, the ox -In 2014 became known that these figures will be made by the Argentine sculptor Juan Carlos Pallarols Catalan origin, each seven meters high.

imagesMary Tower placed on the apse, and will be topped by a twelve-pointed star, which symbolize the morning star. Finally, the tower of Jesus will be topped by a large cross with six arms, of 15 meters; in its central part contain a lamb

imagesEs accessible until the top of some of the towers to see the city from the heights and see some details of the exterior of the temple a short distance.

The staircase itself is a work of art with its infinite formaparece …

Inside the Sagrada Familia

Inspired by the shapes of nature, he devised the use of columns as a tree trunk, which allow unburden decks directly on the floor that turns inside a building of the temple in a similar space to a forest


The temple has a Latin cross, with five ships of 90 meters in length, and cruise of three ships of 60 meters away.The temple has many windows in their windows, of which include those produced by the Catalan glassmaker Joan Vila i Grau using glass of different colors to represent different subjects.

The organ: consists of two sections totaling 1492 tubes three keyboards, two manuals and third pedal. It has 26 records, that is, 26 kinds of different sounds, and in her womb there are computers which store records and sounds combinations to the body may sound alone.


The basilica has 3 symbolic facades:

Nativity façade: Dedicated to the birth of Christ, is a lavishly decorated facade and lively.
Facade of the Passion: Something more austere and simplified the other facades, intended to reflect the suffering of Jesus during the Crucifixion.
Glory façade: The main façade, large and more monumental than the others, represent death, the Last Judgment, the glory and hell. Aware that he would not have time to build, Gaudí left made the sketches for his successors could finish the job.


It has enabled a space in the basement of the temple, at the bottom corresponding to the cruise, where formerly the workshops were located. Opened on June 29, 1961, shows planes and original drawings of Gaudí, temple models and various objects related to the project, emphasizing the liturgical furniture designed by Gaudí. It also highlights the inverted model polifunicular cord and weights to calculate the building’s structure and design the shape of the church of Colonia Güell, 1/15 scale, in which Gaudi was based for many of the structural solutions of the Sagrada Familia.



C/ Mallorca, 401.

Visiting hours

From October to March: from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.
From April to September: from 9:00 to 20:00 hours.


Adults: € 13.50. (With audio-guide 17 €).
Children under 10 years: free.
Students and under 18: € 11.50. (With audio guide € 14).
Elevator towers: 3 €.
Sagrada Familia + Gaudí Museum: € 16.50.


Metro: Sagrada Familia, line 2.
Autobús: líneis 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50 y 51.

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