Everything has a Begining

Everything has a Begining

After finishing the design of my website, now my new digital bet is to start writing my blog. I think is a very important element to have an Internet presence and also to expand a business, a brand or ideas.

I want this blog to be a place to show a more dynamic way, my personal experiences, ultimately my intention is to create a space to put in a clear and organized manner all the information you’ll recapitulating.

-Main and blog topics are predominant tourism, travel and business.

Travel blogs are a source of inspiration, an inexhaustible mine of resources for places you want to visit a practice, especially visual and experiential way.
These blogs have become a leader in Internet when deciding to visit a destination, when looking for information and tips on how to get to a place, lets learn the price of things, where to eat, where to sleep.

In my case I want each of my blog entries, it is also a space for the exchange of ideas, a place where to show loyalty and passion with the culture, landscapes, people, and experiences in each place. Trying to always respect, and provide realistic views, to take small and simple tips that I hope can be useful for all readers and become a useful tool, and can provide new insights.

Not just talk about my travels around the world also will try to write about my country and my region: Catalonia and Spain, especially Barcelona, El Maresme i the Costa Brava.
I will try to show unusual places, sometimes lesser known conventional tourist circuit, but no less beautiful, also show you my view of how tourism is affecting our society, its impacts, advantages and disadvantages.

I would do an analysis of the tourism market, in order to create discussions on topics such as tourism plans, industry news; topics that are related to my study and interest. Showing business models or implemented policies that have been successful, and my articles will try to analyze the reasons for that success. To also be able to display my observations and opinions, that improve both tourist destinations like the proper behavior of travelers.

Moreover, another feature of this blog to share strategies, tactics and proven to help both the reader and myself to design new tools useful business projects: marketing tools, creating and managing websites, digital stores, or online communities new tools related to the field of computing.

With the permission of the reader sometimes also will try to discuss topics of which may not have a great knowledge but a keen interest, always appreciate the contributions and new ideas to anyone who wants to work, if he does so with respect and foundations.